Organised site visits for architecture firms
We welcome you to come and visit us. The Coppice & Crown team would love to show you around and give you a guided tour of our sawmill and workshop. We are a trading division of UK Hardwoods and can produce more than just wood flooring and interior cladding. If you would like to book a tour, please email us to discuss your requirements, interests and how we can help.

Coppice & Crown tours include:

  • Looking at felled trees and discussing quarter sawn vs plain sawn and rift sawn
  • The milling process
  • The importance of stacking & air drying
  • Why we kiln dry our flooring
  • A guided tour around our award nominated climate controlled glulam timber shed


List of accredited installers
We can recommend flooring installers across the UK who can help lay our floors for your project. If our trusted installers don’t cover your area, we can help you liaise with any contractors you find yourself to ensure they have a solid understanding of the laying process and are a good fit for your project.

Professional Trade & Collaborations
Whether you’re an interior designer, architect, conservation consultant or tradesperson, we’re always happy to discuss your requirements and how we can work together. We love collaborating with like-minded companies and building our media presence, so please email us to discuss any opportunities you think we might be interested in.

natural wood flooring

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Wood Flooring

Heritage oak flooring

Heritage Oak Flooring

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Bursting with character, charm and a unique array of markings. Favoured for its reclaimed farmhouse aesthetic, sympathetic to older, listed buildings and those with a story to tell.
classic oak flooring

Classic Oak Flooring

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Our signature classic oak wood flooring boasts honey and pale straw tones that blend harmoniously into any home or space. Favoured for its glossy, silky and warm-to-the-touch finish.
chestnut flooring

Chestnut Flooring

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Pale straw tones with the occasional chocolate undertone. Beauty lies in simplicity, with Chestnut flooring favoured for its smooth, inviting finish and elegant grain pattern.
ash flooring

Ash Flooring

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Light, bright and warming with subtle blush and soft olive undertones, perfect for adding depth & character to contemporary spaces. Favoured for its modern aesthetic.

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