Underfloor heating compatibility

We specialise in luxury wood flooring for underfloor heating with 75% of our customers laying their wood flooring this way.  We favour this method of constant low-level heating rather than using a concentrated radiator to intensely heat only one room area.

Coppice & Crown’s British wood flooring is compatible with underfloor heating thanks to our slow seasoning process from tree to floorboard. It is a common misconception that you can’t lay solid wood flooring over underfloor heating, fuelled by fast process firms that haven’t  taken the necessary time and care to produce their wood flooring.

Our process takes over two years from tree to board, including:

  • 12 – 18 months air drying
  • 1 – 2 weeks kiln drying
  • Acclimatising in our climate-controlled workshop to ensure 10% moisture content before orders are prepared

Thanks to our slow crafting process, you won’t need to acclimatise your boards at home. We acclimatise them to typical house conditions for you, storing all boards in one of the UK’s only climate-controlled chambers so your solid wood flooring arrives ready for laying.

wood flooring with underfloor heating

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Wood Flooring

Heritage oak flooring

Heritage Oak Flooring

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Bursting with character, charm and a unique array of markings. Favoured for its reclaimed farmhouse aesthetic, sympathetic to older, listed buildings and those with a story to tell.
classic oak flooring

Classic Oak Flooring

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Our signature classic oak wood flooring boasts honey and pale straw tones that blend harmoniously into any home or space. Favoured for its glossy, silky and warm-to-the-touch finish.
chestnut flooring

Chestnut Flooring

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Pale straw tones with the occasional chocolate undertone. Beauty lies in simplicity, with Chestnut flooring favoured for its smooth, inviting finish and elegant grain pattern.
ash flooring

Ash Flooring

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Light, bright and warming with subtle blush and soft olive undertones, perfect for adding depth & character to contemporary spaces. Favoured for its modern aesthetic.

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