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For that warm, homely feel

Our highly sought-after Chestnut flooring boasts pale straw tones with the occasional rich chocolate undertones rippling through the boards.  Attractive and inviting with an elegant grain pattern, it’ll create a warming ambience and blend harmoniously with its surroundings, including other wood types. Beauty lies in simplicity, and Chestnut flooring is often chosen for its timeless appeal in an array of settings, from busy family homes to modern work spaces. It’s often chosen as a subtle and light wood flooring choice as opposed to oak flooring, which can have more knots and character. 

Our Chestnut flooring is fully compatible with underfloor heating, as are our other solid wood floors. 

We don’t use any glues or chemicals in your flooring offering you a 100% natural Chestnut flooring choice. 

Take a look at our Chestnut flooring case studies below for inspiration, as well as scrolling down to the wood floor motifs for colour ideas. 


FAQs for Chestnut Flooring

We suggest face fixing the boards (due to their wide width) using a special screw we can tell you all about. It’s a small screw with a nail-like appearance. There are other methods of laying that we can discuss further.

90% of our customers use a sander on the flooring once laid to reduce any planer marks seen in some lights. We also recommend adding a finish – we can help you choose the best one for your project.

Yes, you can lay all our hardwood flooring in kitchens & bathrooms, but we recommend applying an extra layer of your chosen finish. Just clear up any water spills, as with any flooring.

Our most standard method of producing your Heritage Oak flooring is with mixed widths, where we include approximately 4 (sometimes more or less depending on the size of the order) different widths.

All boards are in 1″ increments between 125mm and 300mm, and we include an approximately equal sqm proportion of each size. Unless specified otherwise, we always put in one of our widest sizes (250mm+).

We can machine to one set size between this range, but it is at an additional cost to our standard price.

Yes. Approximately 75% of our customers fit our flooring over underfloor heating systems, and it’s one of our specialities. We favour this method of constant low-level heating rather than a concentrated radiator intensely heating only one area of the room. Find out more in our resource centre or schedule a call with our knowledgeable team.

We deliver our solid wood flooring across the UK, providing tailored delivery quotes determined by your delivery postcode & order amount.

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We do not supply the finishes below, these are purely for inspiration. All of our flooring comes planed and unfinished for you to add the finishes you require after the unfinished flooring has been delivered.

Unfinished Chestnut

Osmo, Polyx Oil, Tint in Honey

Osmo, Polyx Oil, Tint in Black

Osmo Raw, Polyx Oil


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