Why Choose Mixed Width Flooring?

Above the canopy / 22 March 2024

Coppice-and-Crown-Heritage Oak

Mixed width flooring with boards up to 300mm

Narrow, wide, long or short, our solid wood flooring boards can be supplied in varied widths and lengths. Choosing our mixed width boards as opposed to selecting one set width board, offers our customers flexibility and gives a space charm and unrivalled character – it’s our signature look here at Coppice & Crown!

We feel our solid wood, mixed width flooring option makes a room intriguing and the natural imperfection offers authenticity far beyond uniform dimensions. Our flooring features plenty of texture, character and knots which is the distinctive nature of British wood. Little Atkyns is an excellent example of how our natural wood flooring looks used throughout the clients home. We just love the contrast of wide boards against the narrow wood boards in this beautiful bedroom shot. 

underfloor heating with wood flooring

Minimise waste with our natural wood flooring......

Choosing our mixed width boards is actually the most economical way of ordering our flooring. We favour crafting our natural wood flooring like this, as not only does it give our customers the best economical route but it’s also the most sustainable and efficient method of yielding the most out of each tree. Minimising waste is important to us and many of our customers share our sustainable values and are enthusiastic about this laying method. 

If it’s your first time tackling a flooring project, some of our clients find it tricky to imagine how to lay this type of flooring, but we’re on hand to help explain. Your floor layer would essentially lay each width in one run across the length of the room followed by the next. We’ve put this in a handy diagram below to help you visualise. We also have some handy tips in our resource centre here, but for any more photo inspiration, just ask. 

Mixed width flooring
mixed width flooring

Choosing your widths of boards.....

Depending on the square meter size of your order, we supply you with approximately four different widths. If you were placing an order of 100 square meters of flooring this would look something like the breakdown below. All boards are in 25mm increments between 125mm and 300mm, but as you can see we always ensure that at least one of our wide plank flooring boards are included in each order. A typical order may consist of: 
25 sqm 125mm boards
25 sqm 200mm boards
25 sqm 225mm boards
25 sqm 275mm boards

We always work with you closely throughout your project and will be on hand to answer any laying questions you might have. We always like to have a conversation with your builder / floor layer to make sure we are all on the same page for installation.

Olly Lines is an experienced floor layer we’ve recommended on many occasions and hope you enjoy watching his skill and expertise in this laying video of our Classic Oak. It’s worth watching until the end so you can see the glossy finished result!

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