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While our first love is crafting luxury Ash, Chestnut and Oak flooring for your homes and commercial spaces, we also enjoy discussing all things wood and sharing our deep passion for the natural world. Learn more about the wood we use and our sustainable practices, find out what’s going on at Coppice & Crown, discover inspiring client projects and uncover our expert tips to get the most out of your British wood flooring.

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solid wood flooring vs engineered

Solid Wood Flooring vs Engineered Flooring

So what are the differences From glue chemicals process and longevity we ve compared solid wood floors vs engineered in…
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Mixed width flooring

Why Choose Mixed Width Flooring?

Here we discuss our mixed width flooring in more detail A favourite way to buy our flooring from a lot…
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British wood flooring

Characteristics of British Wood Flooring

British wood flooring is different to that of any other flooring It is unique tells a story and most importantly…
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classic oak flooring

6 Most Popular Wood Floor Colours & Finishes

We ve been doing some research into the top wood floor colours and finishes for your home using our natural…
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luxury wood flooring

BUILD Magazine’s Best Luxury Wood Flooring

We ve got some exciting news to share as we ve just been announced as BUILD magazine s Best Luxury…
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natural wood flooring

5 Kitchen Colours to Suit Your Natural Wood Flooring

With 5 top 2024 kitchen colours listed find the right kitchen colour to compliment your natural wood flooring…
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wide board flooring

The 4 Greatest Reasons to Choose Wide Plank Flooring

Uncover the four compelling reasons why wide board flooring with its luxurious widths up to 300mm is the superior choice…
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christmas tree

5 top Christmas tips for festive wood flooring

Enriched by our commitment to sustainability and the art of traditional craftsmanship we wish you a happy Christmas…
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wooden bedroom floor

Top 5 Expert Reasons to Have a Wooden Bedroom Floor

Discover luxury underfoot with sustainable wooden bedroom floors timeless style meets modern living…
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British wood flooring

Discover our 1 British wood flooring expert in Devon Life

Discover the artistry behind British wood flooring with Coppice Crown recently featured in Devon Life magazine s Meet the Expert…
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wood floor finishes

Different wood floor finishes for results that inspire

When it comes to elevating the beauty and durability of your home make sure you find the perfect wood floor…
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Ideal Home Magazine Explore Wood Flooring for Living Rooms

Ideal Home Magazine have lined up their top 10 living room floor ideas to add elegance and style to your…
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Master of Durable Wood Flooring

We ve put together some handy examples of customers that have pets children or even farms to show just how…
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Granary Barn Stoodleigh exterior

Why Buy a Sustainable Wood Flooring Produced in Britain?

We re exploring the importance a locally grown floor and why it makes a difference It s not just your…
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yellow cloud

Top Expert Advice To Make a House a Home?

We ve asked an exciting panel of experienced architects and landscape designers what it is that they think makes a…
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A Whole Year of Producing our Bespoke Wood Flooring

Producing our bespoke wood flooring in Devon has taken us on a journey this year Read all about our exciting…
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local devon flooring

Our local Devon flooring features in Devon Home Magazine

We re proud to be featured in this season s Meet the Maker of Devon Homes Magazine…
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A guide on finishing Heritage Oak flooring

Our Heritage Oak is one of our best selling flooring styles Rustic on arrival it may be but with an…
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home office

Beautiful Wooden Office Flooring

Here s how to create a beautiful office environment fit for any zoom call…
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wood kitchen floor

4 Top Reasons to Choose Wooden Kitchen Flooring

Kitchen flooring ideas for your home using natural non toxic solid wood flooring…
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