Characteristics of British Wood Flooring

Above the canopy / 05 March 2024

british wood flooring

British wood flooring has more character.......

British wood flooring is prized for its beauty, diversity and quality, making it a premium choice for solid wood flooring. We only use British hardwoods, sourced locally and all Grown in Britain certified, that encompass a variety of features that make them distinct and desirable for natural wood flooring. Here are some key characteristics to look out for when choosing between our Oak, Ash and Chestnut boards.

The grain patterns of British wood can vary from straight and uniform to more irregular and pronounced, depending on the species and growth conditions. These patterns contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the wood and can also be cut in a variety of ways to highlight their beauty. Quarter sawn oak for example has a gorgeous rippled effect, know as medullary rays, whereas our chestnut flooring has a very prominent grain pattern once laid and oiled. 

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British wood flooring has more colour.......

The natural colour of British wood can range from light blondes to deep browns, with some species exhibiting reddish or golden hues. Our Ash flooring offers olive tones and intrigue which you wouldn’t find in it’s American counterpart which is completely white.

Different species of British wood have varying degrees of hardness and durability. Oak is known for its strength and longevity, making it a popular choice for flooring, however our Chestnut and Ash options are just as robust in high traffic areas in your home. 

chestnut wood flooring
natural wood flooring

British wood flooring in a more rustic style.....

Despite being the same species, our Heritage Oak has a very different finished texture to our Classic Oak. You can expect undulations, saw marks and an irregular finish to our Heritage Oak and we often advise clients to emphasise these unique features in the finishing process. Although a more rustic flooring option, it still retains a luxurious silky feel, welcomed by bare feet.

The restriction of light in British woodlands encourages ‘epicormic growth’ of buds on the trees. When you cut the trees into boards these can appear as beautiful ‘cat’s paws’ or ‘pips’ on the board. European Oak has much more light availability so has less features, less character and we believe, less of a story. 

British wood flooring
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British wood flooring in its natural state.......

Coppice & Crown embrace the natural, individual qualities of different timbers that burst with character and charm. It’s safe to say that perfectly clean and uniform boards are rare characteristics of British Timber – but the imperfections are what we choose to promote and celebrate in your home!

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